2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Cleveland TX

2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe at Martin CDJR

For all those who love off-roading, the Jeep Wrangler has consistently stood out as the ultimate choice! It constantly delivers drivers potent engine choices and advanced off-road capabilities, ensuring a dominant performance on the trails. In 2021, the Jeep Wrangler astounded the globe by introducing the Wrangler 4xe – a hybrid iteration of the iconic SUV that supplies ample power and reduces the time spent refueling. Beneath the hood, there’s a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, working in harmony with a battery pack and two electric motors, producing impressive horsepower and torque. However, rest assured, the Wrangler 4xe remains true to its Wrangler lineage, meaning you’ll still enjoy all the anticipated off-road prowess, luxuriousness, and cutting-edge tech features. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the features that await you in the 2024 model year of the Wrangler 4xe.


Stay Charged

Charging your Wrangler 4xe is simple. An included Level I charging cable will fully charge the battery in 12 hours, while an available and simple-to-use Jeep® Branded Level II Charger can fully charge your Wrangler 4xe battery in approximately 2 hours.

Powering the Trails

Harnessing the power of the sun, the Jeep® Brand is installing solar-powered charging stations on key trails in the U.S. so you can get charged up before taking on a big adventure.


How Far Can You Go?

Enter your ZIP Code to find out how far you can go from your current location with the Wrangler 4xe. And locate your next charging station while you’re at it.

Venture Farther

Class-Exclusive Plug-in Hybrid Technology allows you to go long distances without range anxiety. Whether you want to take an off-road adventure or get around town on all-electric power, the Wrangler 4xe features a manufacturer’s estimated 49 MPGe rating.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with you’re Level II charger and home charging station after it’s been installed, Qmerit will make it right.

Convienient Installation

We’ve simplified upgrading to an available Jeep® Level II PHEV Home Charging Station. Through our partner Qmerit, you can schedule your installation with a certified technician.

Trims of the 2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Sport S 4xe

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Three E-Selec Drive Modes
  • Available Power Top
  • 20-Inch Aluminum Wheels

Willys 4xe

  • Locking Rear Differential
  • Willys Decal and Black Grille
  • Steel Rock Rails
  • Public Safety and Tech Groups

Sahara 4xe

  • LED Lighting
  • Body-Color Fender Flairs
  • Three-Piece Hardtop
  • Uconnect 5 NAV

Rubicon 4xe

  • Trailer Tow and Auxilary Switches
  • Off-Road All-Terrain Tires
  • Available WARN Winch
  • Electronic Sway Bar Disconnect

Rubicon X 4xe

  • Body-Color Three-Piece Hardtop
  • Winch Capable Steel Bumpers
  • Off-Road Camera
  • 12.3-Inch Touchscreen

What Lies Under the Hood of the Wrangler 4xe?

Now, let’s dive into the remarkable features of the Wrangler 4xe, starting with its exceptional powertrain. This unique SUV is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, complemented by a battery pack and two electric motors, working harmoniously to produce an impressive 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. These elements work seamlessly with an eight-speed automatic transmission, ensuring a smooth and delightful driving experience, whether cruising through city streets or taking on off-road adventures. Being a hybrid vehicle, the Wrangler 4xe offers an electric-only range of around 22 miles, promoting eco-friendly and efficient journeys. Once the battery charge is used up, the system seamlessly switches to gasoline power, ensuring you stay on the move. It’s important to highlight that this remarkable engine option is available across all four-door versions of the Wrangler.

What Are Some Features of the Wrangler 4xe?

If you’re searching for an SUV brimming with impressive features, the Wrangler 4xe is your go-to choice! Right from its foundational trim level, this vehicle shines with a lineup of standout offerings. Imagine 20-inch alloy wheels, sleek tinted glass, convenient side steps, heated side mirrors, power windows and locks, keyless entry and ignition for added ease and the comfort of dual-zone automatic climate control. Settle into the cozy cloth upholstery and bask in the welcoming glow of ambient LED footwell lighting. And guess what? We’re just getting started! Get ready to be wowed by the top-notch tech features, including a user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen, access to satellite radio, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and a trio of USB ports to keep you connected. But wait, that’s not all – and this is just the foundational trim! If you want to discover what the higher trim levels bring, you’re in for a delightful surprise. As you climb the ladder through the Wrangler 4xe’s trim options, brace yourself for an array of incredible features designed to elevate both your on-road and off-road journeys. And the Rubicon trim will capture your heart when it comes to off-roading. Picture this: advanced 4-wheel drive hardware, electronic locking differentials, an intelligent disconnecting anti-roll bar, rugged steel bumpers ready for winch installation, and the handy off-road pages seamlessly integrated into your navigation system. But don’t think luxury takes a back seat – the higher trims are all about pampering you with sought-after comforts like heated front seats, a toasty heated steering wheel, the convenience of remote start, an expansive 8.4-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, a phenomenal 9-speaker/552-watt Alpine audio system, and the seamless inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And wait, there’s something new in town this year – the Rubicon X 4xe, flaunting standard 35-inch tires, an integrated off-road camera, and those dependable steel bumpers. The Wrangler 4xe is your ticket to an exhilarating and enjoyable experience for all adventure seekers and fun enthusiasts!

How the Wrangler 4xe Keeps You Safe

The Wrangler 4xe has various advanced safety features to enhance your driving experience. These include a blind-spot warning with a rear cross-traffic warning, which keeps you informed if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot during a lane change or while reversing. The parking sensors provide alerts about obstacles that might not be visible behind the vehicle while parking. The Advanced Safety Group offers adaptive cruise control, which intelligently maintains a distance you set between your Jeep and the vehicle ahead. You’ll also benefit from the forward collision mitigation system, which alerts you to potential collisions and can apply the brakes in certain situations. And to top it off, the automatic high-beam headlights further elevate your driving convenience by adjusting the intensity of your headlights based on traffic conditions.

Test Drive at the 2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe at Martin CDJR

Embarking on an exhilarating adventure behind a Jeep Wrangler is unmatched, and the Wrangler 4xe takes that experience to the next level with its hybrid engine. If you’re eager to take a test drive in the Wrangler 4xe, we invite you to visit Martin CDJR, where our dedicated team will gladly arrange it. Once you’ve savored the driving experience, explore our finance department, where our experts will assist you in securing an incredible deal. On our website, you can conveniently browse our comprehensive inventory of Wrangler 4xe models. Get ready to embrace the extraordinary with the Wrangler 4xe at Martin CDJR!