How Capable is a Trail Rated Jeep

How Capable is a Trail Rated Jeep

How Capable is a Trail Rated Jeep

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You have likely heard the term Trail Rated before. That’s something that is often floated around, but you might not realize just what exactly that means in terms of your Jeep vehicle. Yes, you’ve heard the words, but do you actually know how that makes a Jeep capable when it comes to off-roading? Today we want to clear up all of the mystery, and show off why your Trail Rated Jeep really does deserve to have that badge placed upon it. We all want to make sure that we are driving around in a vehicle that we can rely on, and we want to remind you as to why Jeep models are so particularly special in the automotive world. So, are you ready to find out how capable these machines are? Keep reading down below to understand more about the capability on display with Jeep models that have been given a Trail Rated badge.

Ground clearance

The first thing to make note of when discussing a Trail Rated vehicle is to make sure that it has the ground clearance necessary to make off-roading easier than ever. When a Jeep is given this badge, that means that it has the room you need between the vehicle and the terrain to handle anything. This includes allowing you to drive over logs, rocks, and other types of obstacles. You’ll even be able to find underbody protection to help ensure that your Jeep can make it out of these situations unscathed. The departure, breakover, and approach angles are all maximized to help you get where you need to go without any issues.

Water fording

We’ve talked to you plenty about dry land, and the obstacles that you will be able to overcome with the ground clearance, but we haven’t discussed what Trail Rated means for water. That ends now! When you are driving around in your Jeep that has been given this distinction, you’ll be able to drive through streams, deep rainstorm puddles, and overflowing creeks, without any issues. That’s because in these models, the body openings and electrical connections are all sealed, and even the air intake system is positioned higher. Your Jeep will be completely taken care of as you go about your adventures.


Another way in which Trail Rated Jeep models are prepared for all of the off-roading fun out there is due to the articulation that you will be able to make use of. This means that whenever added flexibility is needed in the suspension, your wheels be able to remain stable and engaged, even if one of the tires happens to be off of the ground. That kind of versatility is the reason why people keep coming back to Jeep all of these years later.


The final bout of capability that we want to go over with you all today is the kind of traction that Trail Rated Jeeps have access to. Driving is unpredictable, especially when you are off-roading. When you’re taking on that tough terrain, you wanted to make sure that your Jeep has the traction necessary to make it through those bad spots and come out on the other side unscathed. So, whether it’s a snowstorm or some mud, your Jeep is ready.

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