How to Avoid EV Range Anxiety

How to Avoid EV Range Anxiety

How to Avoid EV Range Anxiety

Buy a Jeep 4xe Model in Texas

The introduction of vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler 4xe and the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe is something that we can only describe as exciting. Everyone knows that Jeep is the kind of brand that always wants to stay on the cutting edge, but with that, most of us are completely new to electric technology. With that ignorance comes a lot of questions, and a lot of nerves should we ever find ourselves behind the wheel of one of these models. At Martin CDJR, we want nothing more than to put our customer’s minds at ease, no matter what that means. In this case, we want to discuss with you more about range anxiety, and how you can do your best to combat it whenever you are out on the road. Electric vehicles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and it’s best that we simply learn as much as we can about them!

Precondition your ride

If you plan on heading out with your electric charge, we highly recommend starting up your ride before you even head out of your driveway or garage. Not only will your vehicle be perfect when it comes to the interior temperature, but you won’t end up wasting any charge because you can keep it plugged into the outlet. Every single minute is valuable and easily translates into miles that you might want to travel later. Being this prepared and this on top of the game will allow you a wider range for where you can drive, and also a more comfortable ride since you won’t be waiting for the air conditioning or heating system to kick in.

Plan route

Are you heading out on a longer trip than just your usual errands around time? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to plan out your route so you can make sure you are within range of a charging station that can keep you headed in the right direction without any added anxiety. There are many apps these days that provide you with an updated list of charging stations around you, and you can really utilize that technology to see what options will be in the area that you are traveling to. They can even show off real-time availability, so you know the busiest ones that you might end up coming across, and hopefully, get one that you can start charging with immediately!

Drive efficiently

The last major tip that we want to give to all of you new electric vehicle drivers is to drive with efficiency in mind. Just like gasoline-powered models, electric vehicles can go further just by changing up your driving style. This means employing tactics like coasting to a stop, accelerating gradually, and avoiding speeding as much as possible. Aggressive driving in particular will end up draining your car’s battery far faster than you would like. By just practicing a little patience, you can get a much better range from your vehicle!

Buy a Jeep 4xe Model at Martin CDJR

Are you interested in getting behind the wheel of a Jeep 4xe model from our lot? At Martin CDJR, nothing is more important than helping out our customers. We know that there are many exciting things happening, and we would love to be a part of this fun process. You deserve the best of the best, and you’ll get that when you stop by our dealership!

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